Links to the History and Use of the Wire Telegraph

Wire Telegraphy History
Australian Telegraph Office
Canadian Railway Telegraph History
French Cable Station Museum Cape Cod, MA
History of Cable & Undersea Telegraphy
Telegraph Lore
The Electromagnetic Telegraph
The Telegrapher Web Page many links
U.S. Telegraph History collection of articles
United States Military Telegraphy Telegraph Civil War Technology
Western Australia Telegram History
Western Union and the Railroad Telegraphers
Western Union Research at the Smithsonian
Women in Telegraphy


Railroad Telegraph Stories from Tom Shepherd
Hardware of Wire Telegraphy
Bunnell Telegraph Instruments a manufacturer

Old Telegraph Station K7GSE
Railroadiana railroad telegraphy
Telegraph & Scientific Instrument Museums W1TP
Telegraphy - Vanden Berghen
The Sparks Telegraph Key Review
The Telegraph Office for key collectors and historians
Vibroplex© Collector's Page KN6W
telegraph keys and sounders currently listed on eBay

Learning and Using Morse Code on the computer:
Morse Telegraph Club