Maritime Radio History
Chatham Marconi Maritime Center
Coastal Radio Communications (UK)
Inland Marine Radio History
Marconi Radio Site
Maritime Radio Historical Society
Maritime Radio Professionals
Merchant Navy Nostalgia
N1EA's Marine Radio History
New England Wireless & Steam Museum
Ode to a Silent Key
Radio Officers Today
Radio Officers' Assn
Seefunk & Seeschiffahrt
Ships Nostalgia
Ship Photos
Ship Tracker
Ship's Radio Rooms
Sounds of a Spark Transmitter
Sounds of Maritime Radio
Titanic Radio Page
WCC's History
Wireless PhotoGallery
ZZZ end of maritime telegraphy

Landline Telegraph
Wired Telegraphy

On Topic Books
Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy
Zen and the Art of Radiotelegraphy
Key Restoration - by W.R. Smith

Learning to Use Morse Code
Learning and Operating CW - K6DBG
USAFI Basic Code Course - well proven
LCWO (Learn CW Online)
Practice W1AW AA9PW Maritime Stations
Computer Learning
   Just Learn Morse Code - free download
   Stormy Weather
- $$$
Iambic Myth
Side-Swipery - KD0CA

CW Internet Resources
Brass Pounders (Yahoo Group)
CW Archives (reflector)
CW Bugs (Yahoo Group)
eHam CW Forum
K9YA Telegraph e-Zine
Morse Code Archives (reflector)
RadioTelegraphy Group (Yahoo Group)
SKCC Forum
Solid Copy CW (Yahoo Group)
Vibroplex Collector's Assn. (Yahoo Group)

Q & Z-Signals and Prosigns
Q-Signals (ITU)
Optional Q-Signals
Z-Signals (NATO)

CW Skill Events (high speed)
RufzXP - high speed callsign practice

Collections of Keys
Development of the Morse Key
Brown Bros Key Collection
Bunker 51 Collection
Bunnell & Co. History
G3YUH - Key builder
IK0IXI/NB1V - Morse Keys Collection
I6HWD Key Collection
I6QON - Station & Keys
J-36 Key Census Project
J-37 Keys  J-38 Keys - from K6IX
K5BCQ Collection
MilRadio Key Collection
N3CW Paddle Museum
N4EKV Key Pictures
N0UF's Key Collection
Old Telegraph Station
PA3EGH Key Collection
Telegraph Museum - W1TP
Telegraph Office
Vibroplex© - dates of manufacture - WW7P
Vibroplex© historical advertisements
VR2/VE7RDO Collection

Popular CW Operating Groups
CW Operator's Club
  Chapter List

East Asia NoAmerican
Flying Pigs QRP Club
North American QRP CW Club
Old Old Timers Club
Quarter Century Wireless
Radio Officers' World List
RadioTelegraphy Group
SideSwiper Net
Soc. Preservation Ham Radio

Straight Key Century Club
USCG Amateur Radio Club

Veteran Wireless Ops Assn

                     The 90 Degree VIZBUG

Available Production Keys
Alberto Frattini - Keys, Bugs, Paddles
American Morse - Keys & Paddles
Pietro Begali - Keys & Paddles
CT Hand Keys - Keys

Custom Morse Keys - Keys

Electronics USA - Whiterook
G3YUH Keys - Custom Keys

G4ZPY Paddle Keys International - Keys
IK1OJM - Keys, Paddles, Bugs, Cooties
K8RA - Paddles
Kent Keys - Keys, Paddles, Cooties
Morse Express
   Bencher, GHD, Hi-Mound,
   Nye, Scheunemann, others
N3ZN Keys - Paddles
Paddlette - Paddles (small sized)
Vibroplex© - Keys, Bugs, Paddles
VIZKEY - Keys, Bugs, Paddles
W1SFR - Torsion Bar Keys

Building - Maintenance - Parts
Antique Lamp Supply - hardware
Caswell Plating Kits
Fourslide Spring & Stamping - springs
McMaster-Carr - just about anything
NT9K - builder/designer
See how G3YUH builds a key
Speedy Metals - metal
VXB - bearings
Washer USA - washers
Wrought Washer Mfg. - washers

Electronic Keyers
Idiom Press
K1EL - Keyers
HamGadgets Kits
Unified Microsystems

Radio Room Clocks

QRP Information
Breadboard Radio
Pacific Antenna QRP Kits
KD1JV Designs
Oak Hills Research
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QRP Amateur Radio Club Intnl


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eHam   QRZ   Swap QTH

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